The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Jewellery

4 MIN READ | by Flora Beagley on May 26, 2021
4 MIN READ | by Flora Beagley on May 26, 2021

They say the course of true love never did run smooth, but Covid’s taken the past year to another level. To celebrate true love, and the end of lockdown being nigh, we’ve put together our favourite pieces for the best Summer of Love. Whether you’re the blushing bride or a guest turning heads in the group shot, we’ve got you covered.

The Statement Bride

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something…. new.

The past 15 months might have added an unexpected twist to your longed-for nuptials, but we’re all about the unexpected. Pearls are subtle, but why stop there? The Twinset Pearl Necklace (pictured) says screw you to tradition – wear this with your gown for the ultimate it’s-taken-me-365-days-to-plan-this chic.

Motley Blog | Wedding Jewellery | Silver Twinset Pearl Screw Necklace Motley Blog | Wedding Jewellery | Silver Twinset Pearl Screw Necklace

It’s your special day, all cameras will be on you – what’s another fan in the crowd? The Gold Fan Earrings will be the perfect finish to your outfit. Their strong lines and iconic shaping will catch attention as you sway on the dancefloor – they’re light as a feather too.

It’s a given that one of your guests (maybe that enthusiastic cousin) will be using the high quality portrait mode on their iPhone 20. For this, we recommend an intricate earring to glimmer in the summer sunshine. The Peaseblossom Hoops from Motley x Coline Assade were perfectly carved out of wax before being cast and have picked up every inch of detail from the designer’s original mould. The perfect midsummer hoop for any bride.

Gifts for bridesmaids

Those Zoom hen parties don’t organise themselves. Thank them with the P Studs. And smile every time someone comments on their “cute dog bone earrings.”

Matching colour and style with your spectrum of friends can be difficult. Sometimes, simple is best. Top tip: the Gold Half Moon Pearl Earrings are easy to wear and suit everyone.

The Alphabetti One Letter Pendant Necklaces have been inspired by little pasta letters. These necklaces are a personalised touch for the people you’ve danced with, drank with, and picked 3am pasta out of the carpet with.

“I love-u, but please don’t tell my aunt about that time we…” – the cubed I Love U Necklace wraps your love up into a little cube. You love them and their discretion dearly. Let this be a sweet reminder that 85% of stories are off limits to anyone who might be an in-law.

Motley Blog | Wedding Jewellery Guide | Gold Alphabetti One Letter Pendant Necklace

The last minute helper 

You’ve been counting down the weeks and you’re not about to steal their limelight – you’re everyone’s favourite guest. For you, it’s all about a piece that treads the line between subtle and statement. You are THE chief wedding helper. You need 11th hour ring stacks and grab & go earrings (once you finish the flower arrangements).

The Gold Guineveres with Peach Moonstone set the tone. Subtle but ethereal they won’t photobomb the bride, and still give you a conversation starter at the reception. Scrape your hair up into a bun or leave it loose and flowing, these earrings start working when you stop.

Motley Blog | Ultimate Guide to wedding jewellery | peach guineveres | Alice Cicolini

The let’s-get-loose guest

You were hinting at an engagement for years before it happened, and the wedding you’d been waiting for got pushed back. Twice. Finally – now is the time to get.loose. This is a statement occasion whatever number the guestlist finally fishes on.

The Gold Solis Necklace with Pendant: layer this on top of your strong print jumpsuit, and watch it bounce with joy when the music fires up.

When in doubt, think pink. Let the Triton Earrings be your confident companions. Their intricate celestial details will make people do a double take. Neon pink enamel for summer? Groundbreaking (but, really).

Nothing says love quite like… well, LOVE. Create a statement and flash the on-brand feels with this chunky gold LOVE ring, designed by Christopher Thompson Royds for Motley.

The sun is shining, the bride is blushing, your outfit is great. Feel like a hero in the Hero Hoops, from Motley x Hannah Martin. Their punk roots will help you show Covid the middle finger with the appropriate level of attitude.

Shop the full Motley wedding edit below. 

Motley Blog | Wedding Jewellery Guide | Gold Squared Love Ring | Christopher Thompson Royds Motley Blog | Wedding Jewellery Guide | Gold Squared Love Ring | Christopher Thompson Royds

The Motley Wedding Jewellery Guide

Silver Twinset and Screws Pearl Necklace
Gold Fan Earrings
Gold Peaseblossom Hoops
Gold P Stud Earrings
Silver Half Moon Pearl Earrings
Gold Alphabetti One Letter Pendant Necklace
Silver I Love U Squared Pendant Necklace
Red Guinevere Drop Earrings with Red Onyx
Gold Solis Necklace with Pendant
Gold Love Squared Ring
Gold Hero Hoops