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6 MIN READ | by Anthony Marriage on Nov 18, 2020
6 MIN READ | by Anthony Marriage on Nov 18, 2020

Sometimes, our fates are written in the stars. Discover our deeply scientific approach to horoscopes and jewellery, with some lockdown humour thrown in. 


A person you were once close to, but haven’t spoken to in years, will make a shock appearance in your life. This forewarning may have somewhat removed the surprise element, and prepared you for the whatsapp pop-up of their name. Despite your natural tendencies to avoid expressing your emotions, it’s important you get your frustrations out with this person, if you have any – make use of the government-mandated veto on in-person interactions for this one. 

Jewellery: Gold Bubble Hoops – a perfect representation of air signs. 


You may find yourself spending long stretches of this month alone, possibly because of your naturally introverted personality – or because of lockdown. You may find this stretch of time particularly isolating, but will come to learn a lot about yourself, like just how much you can realistically spend online shopping. 

Jewellery: Gold Flotsam Earrings, inspired by the natural shapes of driftwood.


If you have been experiencing financial difficulties, you will experience a brief respite from these as 2020 comes to an end. Use this time to let loose and live stress-free, because when 2021 rolls around these troubles may return. (Luckily, there’s not much you can spend your money on at the moment, so you will be well-prepared for dealing with these issues when they come back round.) 

Jewellery: Chaucer Earrings, an artful take on the Sagittarius bow and arrow. 


The world may be crashing and burning, but things will be going amazingly for you personally. You will finally get that promotion you worked towards, experience strengthened relationships with family, friends and partners, and gain especially shiny hair. Bragging may be your downfall, so remain humble in the face of people watching your meteoric rise. Start with taking down your screen brightness on Zoom meetings, lest the light catch your shiny hair and incite jealousy. 

Jewellery: Gold Solis Chain – much like Icarus, you will be flying quite close to the sun. 


The emotional turmoil and journey of self-discovery you went on will resolve itself with alarming speed. It will be replaced with a deeper understanding of yourself – though you may not like what you see with a clearer focus, it will help you grow and evolve as the year comes to a close. Rely on friends and family, who will no doubt be readily available for cheer-up conference calls (and accustomed to your regular journeys of self-discovery). 

Jewellery: Swoop Reversible Earrings – lay them flat, facing away from each other to recreate the Cancer symbol. 


It may often feel as though your kindness and support for others go unnoticed – this is likely to change for you in December, when a person who you have long looked after will begin to care for you instead. Proceed with caution and don’t take for granted that these affections will last indefinitely (indeed, they may simmer down by the time the next lockdown is announced). Enjoy the affection and care, but don’t forget to make your own needs heard long term. 

Jewellery: The two-toned Germain Ring – pair it with the Descartes ring for ultimate twin power. 


Something you have been determined to succeed at is likely to come to fruition in this time period. (How we hope the scientists currently cracking the Covid vaccine are Scorpios, reading this blog.) You may also find an issue in your life that’s been years in the making will finally be resolved. Happy days all around. 

Jewellery: Gold Oberon Earrings, the perfect little creatures to represent Scorpios. 


If you have recently ended a romantic relationship, this is the month in which you will finally allow yourself to feel the pain – and move on as a result. Prepare to spend much of this time consuming copious amounts of ice cream and bingeing romantic comedies while you cry, because a night with friends is off the table (and because waterworks are very on brand for a Capricorn). 

Jewellery: Peak through the foliage in the Gold Lysander Ring to spot a horned creature nestled in the leaves. 


Your natural proclivity for patience will be tested this month, and someone very close to you who doesn’t share your love for organisation might let you down. Luckily, you likely won’t be able to see them until 2021, and will be able to avoid an explosive argument as a consequence. 

Jewellery: We think the Gold Hey Girl Necklace may as well be renamed the Virgo Necklace. 


You’re most in your element when out and about networking and schmoozing, but at the moment you’ll have to take a breather – perhaps over Zoom? We see big moves in your career, so you’ll definitely want to leap into the (digital) fray. Power dressing is the key to harnessing your potential.

Jewellery: The Gold Lalique Studs with Blue Enamel for understated zoom dressing. 


You may find romance a little challenging in the final stretch of this year, after some tumultuous ups and downs. Your naturally stubborn personality and spirited ways will keep you positive when the going gets tough, and it’s this approach to life that may shine through your dating app profile and catch the eye of a potential new suitor – if you’re looking for one.

Jewellery: The Strength Ring, a perfect representation of your innate bullishness. 


You’ll find your natural charisma and capacity for inspiring others will be particularly palpable this month, and will radiate from you with such power it will be comfortably felt from a distance of two metres. WIth great power comes great responsibility – use it for good, not evil. 

Jewellery: Big cat energy with the Royal Cat Power Hoops