Motley’s Summer Horoscopes

4 MIN READ | by Katie Ryan on May 21, 2021
4 MIN READ | by Katie Ryan on May 21, 2021

Spring and summer babies, it’s about to get personal. To celebrate the launch of our new Motley x Alice Cicolini Birthstone Necklace, we’ve taken a look into our crystal ball to see what the next few months have in store for you (other than, say, an 18 karat gold vermeil necklace set with hand-cut stars and your birthstone…)

APRIL: WHITE DIAMOND (strength and everlasting love)

Diamonds are made under pressure, and what says pressure like a year of lockdowns? That’s right, diamond baby, it’s your time to shine. The last year has been challenging for you Aries and Taurus signs, but you’ve come out of it stronger than ever before. This means that you are well-equipped for everything this summer will throw at you… did somebody say everlasting love? A classic symbol of sophistication, you’ll be bringing a touch of class to post-lockdown life. That’s right, we’re talking your best shoes, shiniest jewellery, and strictly champagne at brunch, darling.


MAY: EMERALD (knowledge and patience)

It will be no surprise to you, emerald child, that there is change on the horizon. Your green stone brings you your connection with nature, and the past few weeks have been as unpredictable as the weather this May. But fear not Taureans and Geminis – rain is needed for things to grow. The sun is coming, bringing new experiences, relationships, and even a change in style. Emerald has been long associated with fertility and love, so prepare for a summer of romance. But remember, emerald was Cleopatra’s favourite gem, and just like her you are a glamorous, independent queen.


JUNE: MOONSTONE (luck and hope)

It is no coincidence that the 2021 day of hope, changing fortune, and new-found freedom in the UK has landed on the 21st of your month, moonstone baby. Your time is coming. Expect the summer of your dreams, with parties, festivals and social occasions to no end. Get ready to make up for lost time and live for the moonlight hours. But don’t worry Geminis and Cancers, moonstone is also associated with healing and well-being properties, so hangovers shouldn’t get in the way of your fun. At least, not too much.


JULY: RUBY (vitality and passion)

Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby (ahh). A summer of passion awaits for Cancers and Leos. Dorothy might have been relying on her ruby slippers to get her home, but this summer yours will be taking you out on the town. Expect thrills and romance as deep as the red of your stone as you step like royalty onto the dancefloor. Just remember that the greatest love affair is the one you have with yourself. Surround yourself with ruby and it is said you will be protected from all evil. So throw on that red lippy, grab a glass of rosé and let the good times roll in.


AUGUST: PERIDOT (power and beauty) 

The peridot gemstone arrives on earth in two ways: through volcanic eruptions and flaming meteorites. See that as a metaphor for the summer you are about to have as you finally emerge from lockdown life. Let your hair down, get dressed up, and paint the town red in true Leo and Virgo style. Just like your birthstone, you shine both day and night, and this won’t go unnoticed by those around you as you weave your way from sunny BBQs to thumping dance floors with allure. Use the special healing powers associated with peridot to heal the wounds of lockdown, and party like never before.


SEPTEMBER: SAPPHIRE (truth and wisdom)

Roll out the red carpet! Sapphire baby, you are no stranger to being treated like the royalty you are. You’ll be the first person on everybody’s guestlist this summer after months of your dazzling Virgo and Libra personalities being cooped up indoors. No social gathering is quite right without you there to dish out your wise words of advice and witty anecdotes. But don’t worry – just as your birthstone was once thought to be able to kill venomous snakes, you will be able to spot someone with bad intentions a mile off, so it’s good vibes only for you this summer, your highness.


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