Limited Edition

Become a Limited Edition savant with Motley

(You what, mate?)

What we really mean is, you can become an art collector. Not the turtleneck-wearing, gallery hopping kind – the sort that invests in original jewellery your grandchildren will fight over, when they rifle through your prize jewellery box.

Okay, you’ve got my attention. 

Nowadays, most of us own things tens of thousands of others also have (unless you’ve got lots and lots of money). So owning something only 30-150 people have is pretty powerful.

We don’t crank out any of our jewellery – but when it comes to our limited edition pieces, we really don’t crank it out. We believe anyone can be an art collector if they want to be, which is why our limited edition jewellery is priced in the hundreds (not thousands).

What makes a Limited Edition object special?

Here’s all you need to know…

We collaborate with design talent on exclusive, one-off collections that are a mix of everyday and statement, artistic pieces. Art-jewellery is expensive and difficult to make. Sometimes the pieces they design are so intricate that manufacturers will only agree to limited quantities. Those are the ones we create limited editions of.

We collaborate with designers that are revered by the greatest collectors in the world.

Their fine jewellery ends up in the world’s most distinguished art collectors. For the first time, we pull back the velvet rope so you can own wearable art for hundreds instead of thousands, by the same artists who have pieces in the world’s most famous museums.

It’s a fairer playing field. If you’ve got the eye and spot something brilliant, you can invest in it just like art savants who’ve had the in for decades.

We collaborate with design talent on exclusive, one-off collections that are a mix of everyday and statement, artistic pieces.

Gold Solis Necklace with Pendant
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Here’s how people turned £250 into tens of thousands with ‘the Matisse of our time’.

Legendary jewellery Joel Arthur Rosenthal (JAR) is known for limited runs of exceptional fine jewellery. When there was a JAR exhibit at Somerset House in 2002, he created an affordable limited edition collection of aluminium pansy earclips for the gift shop. At the time, they were snapped up in days and cost £250 each. They now sell for upwards of £10,000.

Limited edition objects can be very valuable.

Supermarket confectionary, sneakers, art, and books can all be limited edition. They’re valuable because they’re an object the owners can chart through time, often with a unique number and signed edition card. Their value depends on how many objects there are in an edition, on who created it, and who might have owned it previously.

Their value can change, and they’re mostly restricted to those in the know.

The value of a limited edition piece of art lies in a person’s knack for spotting something special, and in being one of only a small amount of people to own it.

They’re traditionally the preserve of a select, privileged few – those with the money, time and access to find objects worth investing in and selling at a profit. It’s a world of art and money that’s not quick to invite in newcomers.

Gold Athena Cuff
Gold La Peregrina Pearl Necklace
Gold Solis Necklace with Pendant
Silver Twinset and Screws Pearl Necklace
Silver Amun-Ra Bangle
Gold Telesto Pendant Necklace

Motley’s Silver Peregrina Pearl Necklace is rarer than a snow leopard.

Motley’s Silver Peregrina Pearl Necklace was sold as a limited edition item, and all 30 sold out in record time. Each comes etched with an edition number, and they will never be sold again.

We still get daily emails asking us to make more. But the integrity of our limited edition jewellery is very important to us. The agreement we entered into with the thirty people who bought the first edition is something we stand by.

The result? A highly limited edition, made by an exceptional designer, that’s rarer than a snow leopard.

(If you own one, hold on to the signed edition card so an auction house in 200 years knows it’s legit.)