How to Style your Curator Necklace

3 MIN READ | by Fatema Haji on Oct 1, 2021
3 MIN READ | by Fatema Haji on Oct 1, 2021

What if we told you that you could have one piece of jewellery for every possible occasion, outfit, or situation life threw at you?*

(*Okay, maybe not a skydiving situation. But pretty much everything else.)

A piece that’s built to last, timelessly elegant and unbelievably versatile – in two lengths, two metals and endless customising possibilities? No, it’s not too good to be true; it’s the Motley Curator Necklace. 

Our go-to piece for sustainably upscaling any look, the Curator can be worn again and again – and steal the show every time. Curious to find out how we do it? Read on for our top 5 tips on versatile styling:

  1. Pick your poison (but perhaps start with metal).

First things first: pick your preferred Curator from two metals.

Keep it cool with 925 sterling silver, or bring the heat in 18 karat gold vermeil. Or, as we like to, throw out the rule book and pick necklaces in both shades, for a bold blend of metallic brilliance. The Curator was designed to be customised, after all.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

If subtlety is your MO, you’re in luck. The Curator Necklace comes in two lengths, which means it can easily be styled as a no-fuss, single chain. If you’re partial to a little drama, it can also be wrapped around your neck for a little extra bling. Layer up or hang loose as desired.

  1. Go to great lengths.

If you’re dying to make a statement, opt for the longer chain. The Long Curator Necklace can be styled to cascade down the front or back of any outfit. Vary the shape by clasping at alternating chain links either way. Now that’s what we call a party in the front… and a party in the back.

  1. Brace(let) yourself.

As the Bee Gees once wisely crooned: 🎶 more than a necklace, more than a necklace…to us. (This quote may have been given some Motley creative license.)

Experiment by wrapping the Curator around your wrist for a statement bracelet – and an extra slice of the action. And why stop there? Create links of your own by looping your fingers into the mix; perhaps, for a connected Curator ring-bracelet combo? Playfulness is key for this piece.

  1. Dazzle ’em with charm.

Finally, change up the look entirely by adorning your Curator with charms. The wide-set links of the chain were intentionally designed for adding a little extra bling – and we’ve got just the pieces for it. 

Whether you’re looking to unleash your inner matador with the Gold Taureau charm or after a little malachite critter – a la the Gold Saucisse charm – each whimsical addition can be worn as part of a necklace or bracelet, for intriguing looks you’ll never tire of. 

Explore all charms to make your Curator look like a wearable art gallery. Nothing says charm offensive like a little personalisation.

How do you style your Curator Necklace? Tag us with your best tips @Motley on Instagram and @MotleyLondon on Twitter