Dried pasta and floating Diamonds: Galina’s jewellery box

4 MIN READ | by Anthony Marriage on Jan 12, 2021
4 MIN READ | by Anthony Marriage on Jan 12, 2021

We love finding out about Motley jewellery that’s worn alongside treasured family heirlooms on your fingers, wrists, necks and ears. Here writer and Motley crew member Galina AP tells us about her favourite jewellery – from the pasta necklace her children made to a traditional Russian wedding ring.

Jewellery might be used as a sign of prestige and wealth for some, but for me it was always about sentimental value, originality and craftsmanship.

Each piece in my own jewellery collection, from necklaces and bracelets made by my own children to heirlooms or pieces given to me by loved ones, is precious irrespective of its value. I am so innately connected to some of them that I feel a little lost and less self-assured when I am without them.

When Motley asked me to do a guest blog on my own collection, I gladly said “yes’…. only to start ‘struggling’ as soon as I had to pick a few pieces I wanted to write about. Here are the ones I chose.

Leopard Ring: My late father gave this to my mother, and I was always in utter awe of the delicate yet striking design. Suffice to say I was delighted when my mother gave it to me a few years ago, with miniature matching earrings. The company that designed it has a history of Spanish craftsmanship that lives on through each stunning piece. In time, I will pass it to my daughter (who already embodies Leopard-like strength and determination).

Motley Blog | Gold Leopard Ring

Russian wedding band: I have been married to the same lovely man for over two decades. Even though the design of this ring is simple – no bells and whistles, just a traditional Russian rose gold band – it is one of my most cherished, sentimental pieces. It symbolises love, long-term commitment and the shared trials and tribulations that have matured us like wine in an oak barrel.

Motley Blog | Rose Gold Wedding Band Ring

My father’s cufflinks & floating diamond necklace: The necklace was given to me by my husband for an anniversary, and I instantly loved how light and delicate it is. The cufflinks aren’t technically mine and were given to me by my mother for “safe-keeping’…until my son comes of age. I actually welled up when my mother gave me a little box and I opened it. I had a very close connection to my father and even many years after his untimely death I continue to miss him terribly.

On a spur of a moment I added the cufflinks, like beads, to the necklace that my husband gave me. And now I wear the necklace with the cufflinks, keeping the memories of my father close to my heart.

Motley Blog | Cufflinks Charm Necklace

The moment I will pass the cufflinks on to my son will be special, just like the one when my grandmother passed on a simple gold necklace with a personalised name tag to me at my grandfather’s funeral, which he had made for me around the time I was born. Those items have a special meaning and energy that help me, like lucky talismans or a protective cloak.

Motley Blog | Personalised Necklace

Charlotte Garnett’s ring: I think Charlotte’s Power Ring had me in its grip the moment I saw it on Motley’s Instagram. I ordered it just before Christmas, telling my husband that I found a perfect gift for him… to give me. And it didn’t disappoint – housed in a pretty box, wrapped in a bright orange pouch. When I don’t wear it, I keep it close. It is tactile, mysterious and sensual – I touch it, like prayer beads, in moments of contemplation. When I get cross or upset, it helps bring tension down. Charlotte herself is a talented Saraband graduate, and carries forward the creative banner of its founder, Alexander McQueen. Motley is with her along the way – a small but mighty brand showcasing very unique design talent that deserves recognition.

Motley Blog | Gold Power Ring | Motley x Charlotte Garnett


Jewellery is unique. When it is given or gifted, it’s infused with emotions and memories – and then passed on for someone else to do the same. A pasta necklace made by one of my children might not last a lifetime, but every time I see it on my desk, I smile. A crystal bead bracelet my best friend made especially for me. A giraffe necklace for my son’s birth. A sexy ring I bought for myself at an airport that makes me giggle when I wear it. Each represents a treasured memory or loved one. I am so grateful for my little treasures, and for the people in my life who gave them to me.

Motley Blog | Gold Giraffe Necklace

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