Coline Assade: designer, nature lover, magician

3 MIN READ | by Coline Assade on Sep 22, 2020
3 MIN READ | by Coline Assade on Sep 22, 2020

What if our possessions were more than just inanimate objects? Not all things are what they seem at first glance, and often it’s because we give them intangible, almost magical meaning. It’s this quality that inspires jeweller, designer and nature lover Coline Assade’s Midsummer Night’s Magic collection for Motley, each piece serving to remind us that magic is all around us – if only we’re willing to look. Here Coline tells us more about herself and her collection, in her own words. 

As a child I always carried around things that inspired me.

A piece of jewellery is so intimate. I like creating artistic and beautiful pieces that you can keep close to you which make you feel stronger, or inspire you – that’s what I loved about them when I was little. 

Nature and stories of magic have always intrigued me. 

I studied Graphic Design and Illustration, and love telling visual stories. I’ve always found nature inspiring, particularly the detail of it – I’ve got a little book of leaves of all shapes and sizes that I often go back to. 

Pagan traditions and Celtic mythology are so closely tied to nature; so visually rich in symbolism. It felt natural to create a story through wearable objects that tied the two together.

Jewellery is so often nostalgic. This collection is rooted in a longing for something that could be, not something long gone.  

I like the idea of escaping reality, of letting your imagination run wild through one little object. It doesn’t hurt to think of the world as a little bit magical, and to pay attention to the everyday eccentricities we often miss. 

Nature is the greatest designer. 

It’s all about magical moments when you forget, for a moment, what you were doing or worrying about and connect with what’s around you. 

Each piece in the collection is not what it seems… 

Ropes become hoops once on the ear and start blossoming. Signet rings look like they have been carved from wood. Look again and you will see little mask-like faces emerging from the foliage on a leafy ring. There is also a little creature willing to wrap around your finger or your ear and be your spirit guide. 

I’m inspired by Louise Bourgeois – hilarious, and uninhibited. 

Lousie Bourgeois uses larger-than-life figures to tell personal stories and subvert expectation – see her big phallus sculpture she’s playfully titled ‘Little Girl’. 

I try to highlight how beautiful nature is, so that other people are inspired to take better care of it. 

The ecological question is pressing, and we need to wake up and reevaluate how we treat our planet. Wearing a physical reminder of how beautiful the world around us is helps to highlight what needs protecting, and how our actions impact it. 

None of this collection is traditional.

It’s all designed to give you the courage to be unconventional if it’s who you are. 

A creature wrapped around you is not a classic ring bend by any stretch. I want people to have fun with my work, and I want people to feel a bit braver when they put my jewellery on – like they can just be who they want to be. 

Discover the collection today.