Why Motley is Closing

4 MIN READ | by Cecily and Ilana on Apr 5, 2022
4 MIN READ | by Cecily and Ilana on Apr 5, 2022

Dear Motley Crew,

Today, we announced that we’re closing Motley for good. You have been fundamental to Motley’s success, so we wanted to explain to you, our amazing Motley community, how we’ve reached this heartbreaking conclusion. 

Our vision was ambitious. Probably the most ambitious the jewellery industry has seen. When we started, customers couldn’t get real, well made designs without paying huge mark-ups. Profits were at the expense of quality, design and the people behind the pieces – designers and makers. 

We did things differently. 

We teamed up with the best independent designers and skilled ateliers to bring you groundbreaking design at more accessible prices. We paid our designers a commission on every design we sold and made sure our makers were paid fairly. By selling to you directly through our website, instead of going through retailers, we could cut out middle man mark ups and charge the very fairest prices (retailers increase the price of products by at least three times their value). 

But sometimes a great idea is not enough.

Against a backdrop of increased inflation and consumer uncertainty, times have been very tough for small businesses. In order to keep our prices fair and accessible, we had to use lower-costing marketing channels than the traditional ones big companies use. For a long time, this was paid adverts on Facebook and Instagram. 

However, last year Apple made some changes which meant that Facebook marketing was far less effective. Then, Facebook put up their prices. This made our marketing unaffordable for us (and many other small businesses too). Many of our other costs also went up, including precious metals and shipping. 

We tried to explore other ways of reaching new customers, like selling our products wholesale to retailers. Unfortunately, the small margins and punishing payment terms which retailers work to meant we would have had to either reduce the quality of our pieces or hike up our prices. 

Ultimately, this would have meant compromising the Motley mission, which did not feel right for our customers, designers or partners. So, we made the heartbreaking decision to close Motley for good. 

Our last day for international orders will be 19th April 2022, and for UK orders will be 5th May 2022. 

Motley has achieved amazing things. We have worked with the best design minds of today and, in collaboration with Central Saint Martins, launched the most promising design talent of tomorrow. Forbes declared Motley was ‘disrupting the jewellery industry’ and The Sunday Times called Motley the ‘jewellery holy grail’.  

Creating incredible design that is different AND built to last is harder than it looks. We’ve been pushed by our designers to make jewellery that has never been made before. And in partnership with our makers, we’ve repeatedly innovated to turn even the wildest design dreams into a reality. The result is the Motley collection – a true moment of design history.

So carry on wearing your Motley for years to come. Treasure it. We hope that one day, all jewellery will be made the Motley way; leading to a fairer industry and great design for all. 

We believe that genius design deserves to be on the hands, necks, ears and wrists of the world. That’s why, for the next month, you’ll be able to get your piece of design history at a discounted price – before the door is closed for good. 

We are incredibly proud of our work towards changing an industry and want to thank you for being a part of that.

With love,

Cecily, Ilana and the Motley team