A Guide to Post-Lockdown Dating

5 MIN READ | by Katie Ryan on Jun 9, 2021
5 MIN READ | by Katie Ryan on Jun 9, 2021

Over the past year, our love lives have seen it all. First dates over Zoom where we’ve nervously finished the whole bottle of wine in 20 minutes? Check. Socially distanced walks in the park when it’s minus two degrees? Check. Swiping endlessly on Hinge until we come across our ex’s profile? Check. The only action we get being an elbow tap? Unfortunately, check.

The world is slowly but surely opening up again and the prospect of a regular love life is creeping into existence. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and naturally, we’re all terrified. Enter Motley’s Guide to Post-Lockdown Dating. Whatever kind of date you are, we’ve got you covered from your destination, to your attitude, to (of course) your jewellery.

The Sophisti-cat Date

This one is for the gallery-goers, the everything-knowers, the sophisti-cats. You’re dying for a culture fix that isn’t Netflix, and you need a date who can accommodate that. They might have been able to blag their way through online chatter (*googles how to impress with phrases about art*), but this is the real test.

First, pick an exhibition. Next, suggest a casual stroll in the nearby area. When you spot the poster advertising the works of your favourite artist, just by chance, how could you not go in?

“Hey”, you’ll say nonchalantly as you pass through the gallery doors, “did you know that I’m a curator?”. Drape the chunky statement chain of our Gold Long Curator Necklace twice around your neck, and adorn it with Picasso-inspired animals. The inky lapis lazuli pendant of the Hibou Charm is the perfect backdrop for the golden owl. If your date is wise, they’ll be charmed by you.

“Don’t you just love the textured brush strokes on this painting?” You’ll say, tracing your finger through the air to point at them (from a distance – no touching the art please). Your date will nod, but their eyes will be fixed on the dazzling white quartz stone of your Galileo Ring. Surrounded by rich teal enamel and gold vermeil stars, this design gives Van Gogh’s Starry Night a run for its money. Your date will be reaching for your hand in no time (fine, you can touch this one).

The Adventure Date

Alright, adventurers, we hear you. You’re ready to get outside and make up for lost time. If the thrill of a first date isn’t quite enough to get your heart racing, here’s some ideas to keep that adrenaline pumping.

Get lost together on an off-the-track hike through the forest. Hiking gear just got a whole lot more flattering paired with our Block Chain Necklace. Delicate yet practical, the 18 karat gold vermeil chain will rest on your collar line, and catch your date’s eye in the sunshine. It’ll also come in handy as a light-signal if you forget to take your flare gun.

Motley top tip: remember to pack shoes that are as comfortable as your jewellery.

More of a sun seeker than a forest dweller? Dig out that swimming costume, hop on the next train to the seaside and cool down in the water if your date is bringing the heat. Your solid gold Romeo Square Hoops will glint in the ocean’s reflection as you emerge, hair slicked back, disguising any sign that the water was actually freezing.

If it’s real action you’re after, we suggest taking things up a level. Literally. We’re talking zip-lining and abseiling. Keep your outfit understated (and safe) with the reliable Bond Street Studs. With 18 karat gold vermeil and dark green pear-shaped enamel , they’re eye-catching, perfect for the outdoors, and won’t get caught in any ropes. One look at you, and your date will fall head over heels (don’t worry, they’ll be in a harness).

The Wild and Free Date

Who said that your first date out of lockdown can’t be a spontaneous night out on the dance floor? Not us, that’s for sure. Sometimes the best way to see romance spark is when the lights are low and the music is turned up high. Let us paint you a picture…

You’ve got your party gear on, your hair is tied up in a club-proof pony, and your nails are vibrant red. You meet your date at a bar. The sun is setting, and you’ve just been handed a cold glass of wine. As you pick it up to take a sip, your chunky 18 karat gold vermeil statement ring clinks against it. As your date makes out the block letters wrapped around your fingers – L – O – V – E – they think to themselves, this is a sign.


As you strut down the street towards the club, your earrings glint in the lamplight. A series of gold vermeil circles wrap around to become the perfect statement hoop. The pearl detail on the back is a hint to your quiet sophistication, the bubbles an emblem of your fun personality. You flash your date a look as you get into the queue – are they ready? These hoops may be big, but they’re light as a feather and perfect for dancing.

The dance floor has welcomed you back with open arms and you’re unleashing your moves. Your date is in awe as you light up the room in your Luna Phosphorescent Necklace, beaming out glow-in-the-dark rays. The night from here is a mystery, and you couldn’t be happier about it.

Gold Long Curator Necklace with Hibou Charm
Teal Galileo Ring
Gold Romeo Square Hoops
Gold Block Chain Necklace
Gold Bond Street Stud Earrings with Green Enamel
Gold Love Squared Ring
Gold Bubble Hoop Earrings
Luna Phosphorescent Necklace